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How many different times has the question been asked, "What is the best glue?" or "What is the best fin material?" for hobby rocketry. Pose any of those questions to experienced rocket folks, and you'll receive many different answers from many people. However, there is a clear alternative to the scenario posed above — it's called real data, and it's the only way to separate fact from fiction, opinion, views, beliefs, estimations and personal judgments.

By checking out real data on a myriad of different products and materials, you can quickly and accurately gauge what will suit your needs the best. No longer is "Oh, that'll be good enough" and "Yeah, you'll be just fine" needed to determine whether or not your rocket will hold together during flight, but simply...

"In God we trust, all others bring data."

There is no charge for material testing and the data is not sold — this is a free service to the hobby rocketry community. Vendors: send in your material. Do you have great material? Don't just tell your customers, prove it to them! Click here to submit your material for free testing.

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